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Mausoleum Construction Begins

19 September 2012

A long-held dream came one step closer to reality today for Bletchley resident Donato Distazio. Having campaigned for many years for a mausoleum for the Italian community, he was able to witness the start of construction work at Selbourne Avenue cemetery.

Mr Distazio.  Mr Distazio and other members of the Italian community formed a committee to get their idea off the ground and convinced Bedfordshire-based Cemetery Development Services to design a structure to suit their community. Following years of discussions with Milton Keynes Council, a site has been leased within the existing cemetery at Selbourne Avenue, Bletchley by Mausoleum Management Limited who will operate the site once complete. Pictured below (L to R) are Pietro Zeolla, Donato Distazio, Ernesto Paolucci and Frank Pozzuto from the Italian Mausoleum Committee. The mausoleum will be completed during the autumn and will contain 96 crypts as well as niches for cremated remains.

Selbourne Avenue Cemetery  Selbourne Avenue Cemetery  MK Mausoleum 20 Sept 2012  MK Mausoleum 20 Sept 2012  MK Mausoleum 20 Sept 2012  MK Mausoleum 20 Sept 2012

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