Bespoke Engineered Solutions

The Team

Mausoleum Management Team

Below are the teams of people whose role has been to ensure the delivery of the facility to the MK Community.

Design and Planning Team

Cemetery Development Services Ltd

  • Justin Smith       Project Leader
  • Paul Carvill         Designer and CAD
  • Richard Main     Design and CAD
  • Dr Mike Hann    Engineering

Finance and Contract Administration

Cemetery Development Services

  • Rebecca Ballinger


Graeme Quar Ltd

Structural Engineers

Philip Harvey Associates

  • Philip Harvey

Project Management

  • Rob Donald

Health and Safety

Goddard Consulting Ltd

  • Mark Labadini



  • Fredan Engineering Limited

Crypt and Niche Supply and Installation


  • Dr Riccardo Bosisio

Main Supplier

  • SRBE Ltd 

Management  and Operations

Mausoleum Management Ltd

  • John Prentis
  • Justin Smith

Web Design and Promotion

Sarah Gilbertson


We would also like to thank the members of Milton Keynes Bereavement Services who have assisted us in making this development possible with special thanks to Chris Londy (Regulatory Investigations Manager),  Angela Abbott (Bereavement Services Team Leader) and other members of Milton Keynes Council.

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