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Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes Mausoleum


For many years Donato Distazio held a dream to have Mausoleum built in Milton Keynes that all members of Milton Keynes Community could have access to.

Having campaigned for nearly 8 years Donato was able to witness the start of construction work at Selbourne Avenue cemetery in September 2012.
Mr Distazio and other members of the Italian community including Frank Pozzuto, Ernesto Paolucci  and Pietro Zeolla, formed a committee to get their idea off the ground.
In 2010 they approached Cemetery Development Services Ltd to take their ambition through to fruition.

 Following  many years of discussions and negotiations with Milton Keynes Council, a site was offered by way of lease within the existing cemetery at Selbourne Avenue, Bletchley.

CDSL formed Mausoleum Management Limited who will operate the site once completed, this was an essential part of the development agreement as it ensures the longevity of the mausoleum and protection of the purchasers of crypts within it by ensuring significant funds are invested in protected bonds and escrow accounts that form legal agreements between the MK Council , individual Crypt License holders, Mausoleum Management Ltd and CDSL.

Delivering the Mausoleum

Construction of the Mausoleum officially started on the 17th September 2012, but to get there has taken many teams of people many years with numerous frustrating set backs but at last it is under way.

MK Mausoleum Construction begins


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