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Bletchley Mausoleum

Phase 2

Phase 2

We are delighted to announce that development of Phase 2 is going to begin in 2018.


26th August 2013

Official Opening of Bletchley Mausoleum

Bletchley Mausoleum was officially opened by the Hon Iain Stewart MP and by  Father Michael on the 26th August.

Father Michael carried out the dedication ceremony of the new mausoleum and led a procession of prayer for the 90 members of the local community who attended.

This was followed by the unveiling ceremony of the commemorative plaque by the Hon Iain Stewart MP for Milton Keynes South.


21st December 2012


12th December 2012



11th December 2012


8th December 2012


7th December 2012

Pathways all but completed and Carrara marble due to face the front of the mausoleum Monday/Tuesday next week.

Ground preparation continues and turf will be laid next week.


5th December 2012

Landscape works have started and the cladding is finished inside with marble facing stone starting to be installed.

The floor tile has been selected (thank you Luciano Pilla).

The completion date is expected for the 18th December.


28th November 2012

The base layer of the footpath and perimeter drains are in and the building is now protected from flooding.

The larch ceiling is nearly complete giving a warm feel to the building.

The perimeter wrought ironworks are completed in their design as seen below and will be galvanised and painted for installation on the 13th December once the security gates are installed the site will be secure for final marble and bronze frontage.


23rd November 2012

England v Italy

The Bosisio team came over this week to set up the crypt and niche systems and train the CDS team in the construction system. The verde and Carrera marble looks stunning with the precision fitting. The site has now been cleared for landscaping and the final decorating and marble dressing will occur next week.


20th November 2012


16th November 2012

Crypts in place for installation next week.  The team from Bosisio, Italy’s leading supplier to the mausoleum industry will be over next week to install the burial crypts they will be staying locally with Tony Zeolla at The George Inn, Old Watling Street, Little Brickhill, I am sure they would welcome you to meet them there one evening if you would like to talk through the process of construction

Last of the cladding to be completed over weekend.

The last of the larch cladding will be installed over the weekend, already as can be seen from the slides below the building is starting to reach the end point.


14th November 2012

Burial chambers go in the ground.  Double interment concrete burial chambers were installed today, the 3 tonne chambers can be clad in marble and granite and provide a private resting place for those preferring below ground vaults.

The external larch cladding is well underway and will be completed by Friday.

The crypts were delivered to site today and will continue to be delivered over the next few days in preparation for construction next week.


10th November 2012


9th November 2012

Roof all completed and ridge tiles in place.  Internal works started with the trusses and ceiling supports being put in place.

During the week the cladding and windows will be installed as well as the burial chambers.


5th November 2012

Burial chambers arrive on site for installation this week.


2nd November 2012

Now the roof is  just about completed, and  the building starts to take on its own rustic charm with the clay tiles adding warmth and texture.

The use of quality materials and skilled craftmanship has always been a key component of the design requirement.


1st November 2012

1st November 2012


31st October 2012

All the felt and batten completed as the tiles arrive.

Tiling starts tomorrow and should be completed by the weekend, at last the building is weather proofed!


30th October 2012

Roof progress: felt and battens completed today, tiles delivered tomorrow and 3-4days to fit with lead work within the valley.

30th October 2012


26th October 2012

The joists and timber work for the roof are now complete and by the weekend the battening and felting will also have finished allowing the building to dry out.

Works has started preparing for the timber cladding.


25th October 2012


23rd October 2012

Today much of the wood work for the roofing was completed and by the weekend the building will be weather proof…from the top and back anyway! We still need ideas for the picture windows, so if you are reading this and have some ideas please contact us or by phone 01234 740845.


19th October 2012

At last the wall is finished and the roofing set to move forward.


18th October 2012

Water water everywhere!
After torrential rain last night work progressed after all hands to the pump cleared the water accumulated on the hard standing.
Once the roof is on and the drainage installed the need for a boat to get to work will be unnecessary!


17th October 2012


16th October 2012

Autumn is here and with it comes mud!


14th October 2012

With just a few more feet to go the wall will be complete. The roof joists will be measured up this week in preparation for starting fitting end of this week or beginning of next. Chambers and path will be started this week also.


12th October 2012

A full compliment today. In fact more builders than bricks! However in a bid to beat the weather it’s all hands on deck. The Bantry team aim to have all the walls up by Monday next week. Today the scaffolding was being erected for the upper courses of the wall and roof. To the centre of the wall the window frames can just be seen and shortly MML will be launching a competition for a design to be incorporated into the window.


10th October 2012

The wall underway and weather permitting back on schedule!

The block and brickwork are rapidly going up with two mortar men struggling to keep up with the speed of the  3 brickies.

We had a site meeting with the IMC to discuss stained glass windows as the wall rapidly approached the window lintels.


8th October 2012

Measure twice, cut once!

Final preparation for wall and roof construction.

The wall will be under construction over the next few days with blocks on site today and bricks due this week.

Today a bit of a wash out so no exciting pictures today sadly.  Weather outlook for the week is pretty dreadful so we may expect a few days delay!


5th October 2012

5th October 2012


4th October 2012

A major milestone reached today with the erection of all the steel work.

Unlike most of the shows seen on “Grand Designs” the steel went up in the positions set out with no requirement for cutting or welding, so well done Fredans for the precision in the cutting and welding and fitting  and well done the Bantry Construction team for getting the positions marked out near spot on!

Now we will soon be on the way to having a roof and wall installed with the rest of the project being no longer weather dependent.

We are now 4 days ahead of schedule!


3rd October 2012

Rob Donald

Rob Donald returns to project management following a medically induced break of 2+ years!

“It’s great to be back in the saddle…… and working with such a team of professionals as Cemetery Development Services & Bantry Construction Ltd.”

Rob Donald - Project Manager


2nd October 2012


1st October 2012

 Final shuttering for last section of slab set out today. in preparation for final pouring of concrete tomorrow morning which will be shortly followed by the drilling of the mountings for the steel frame.


29th September 2012

Back slab poured today.
14 cube of concrete was poured this morning to form the back section of the slab on which the crypts will sit.
The front section with a slight fall will be  poured on Monday.

The square cut away sections you can see at the back of the slab are for the steel footings.



28th September 2012

Sub base in and shuttering completed ready for pouring the slab.


27th September 2012

The latest photographs from todays work on site.


26th September 2012

Despite the rain the final pads and wall footings were poured today. A concrete pump was used to transfer the concrete from the mixers to the site. In total around 80 tonnes of concrete have been used just for the foundations. By Tuesday next week the final concrete will have been poured for the main slab and ready for the steel frame to be erected.



25th September 2012

The last of the pads and foundation for the steel and brickwork were set out today in preparation for pumping in the concrete on Wednesday. Yesterday’s rain slowed the pace a little but it has dried up remarkably today to allow works to progress and timescales are still on track.


Concrete Pads Cast for Steel Work

22nd September 2012


21st September 2012

MK Mausoleum 21 Sept 2012  MK Mausoleum 21 Sept 2012  MK Mausoleum 21 Sept 2012

Phase 1 Complete

Mausoleum Management Limited

Milton Keynes Mausoleum

Following requests from the local community, please check out the completed maintenance and renovation works at the Milton Keynes Mausoleum.


Mausoleum Construction Begins

19 September 2012

A long-held dream came one step closer to reality today for Bletchley resident Donato Distazio. Having campaigned for many years for a mausoleum for the Italian community, he was able to witness the start of construction work at Selbourne Avenue cemetery.

Mr Distazio.  Mr Distazio and other members of the Italian community formed a committee to get their idea off the ground and convinced Bedfordshire-based Cemetery Development Services to design a structure to suit their community. Following years of discussions with Milton Keynes Council, a site has been leased within the existing cemetery at Selbourne Avenue, Bletchley by Mausoleum Management Limited who will operate the site once complete. Pictured below (L to R) are Pietro Zeolla, Donato Distazio, Ernesto Paolucci and Frank Pozzuto from the Italian Mausoleum Committee. The mausoleum will be completed during the autumn and will contain 96 crypts as well as niches for cremated remains.

Selbourne Avenue Cemetery  Selbourne Avenue Cemetery  MK Mausoleum 20 Sept 2012  MK Mausoleum 20 Sept 2012  MK Mausoleum 20 Sept 2012  MK Mausoleum 20 Sept 2012

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